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Dentisalut answered questions and most frequent questions among our patients. sh to get more information call us at Tel. 93 408 51 97 (Nou Barris) or 93 315 85 57 (Sants) or If you wibook your free first appointment online with no commitments.

FAQ’S on implantology

What is an implant?
An implant it is a sanitary product made of biocompatible titanium that allows the bone to get attached to the bone. This allows to attach the implant on different kind of prostheses and substitute one or different tooth, getting back its functionality and aesthetic problems due to missing tooth.

What is an implant made of?
It is composed by two elements:
• Dental implant (invisible, attached to the bone)
• Crown (visible part that helps to chewing function)

How is a dental implant attached?
First, anesthesia needs to be applied. Then an incision is made and the area is prepared for the dental implant.
Finally, it is placed in the gap and stitched up.

Is there any complications of a dental implant?
After surgery there might be a minor infection and a bruise. Taking analgesic to prevent inflammation would help to paliate this minor signs.

Does an implant hurt?
NO. It can be a bit uncomfortable after surgery but this can be easily solved with analgesic.

Which are the best kind of dental implants?
Dental clinics Dentisalut uses the most prestigious implant brands: Nobel Biocare, MIS Ibérica y Phibo because its quality guarantees higher successful rates and a long-lasting result.

How much is it for a dental implant?
The price of a dental implant will de different according to the number of tooth intervened and the treatment. Book a free first appointment online to get a personalised budget.

FAQ’s on orthodontics

What kind of Orthodontics treatments could you find?
Most required treatments are: metallic brackets, ceramic brackets and Invisalign, invisible orthodontics.

How long an Orthodontic treatment last?
Each case and its duration will be different. But generally could last over 1 or 2 years approximately .

How much an Orthodontic treatment cost?
Orthodoncy prices variate depending on each treatment and patient. Book your free first appointment online so you can come for a check-up and adjust the budget to your necessities.

FAQ’S on dental aesthetic

Which are my options on dental whitening?
On clinic: this treatment will take only one session. At home: a dental splint is made for the patient so it can administrate the whitening product at home.

How much does it cost?
Book a free first appointment online to get information and an estimation budget on how much it costs dental whitening.
What are crowns or dental veneers?
Dental veneers are recommended to solve minor aesthetic problems: changes in colour, irregular gaps, crowded teeth, etc. Dental caps are indicated for major problems such as a broken teeth, broken crown, endodoncy, etc.

Which kind of crowns and dental veneers exist?
Dental crowns can be metal-made, ceramic or zirconia.
Dental veneers can be ceramic made or composite made.

Pros and cons of dental veneers?
Among its advantages it is the ability to change in colour, shape and tooth position. As well, it minimizes damages, it is long-lasting and there is no incompatibilities.
Cost can be an inconvenient and also a its restoration.
How much is it for a dental cap or a dental veneer?
Price will be different according to each treatment. Book your free first appointment.

FAQ’S on dental prostheses

Which types of dental prostheses exist?
There are many types of dental prostheses: fixed, removable, mucous membrane supported. dento-muco-supported prostheses, implant-support prostheses, etc.

Which materials are used on dental prostheses?
Dental prostheses are usually made of resin, ceramic, zirconia, metals, etc.
How is a dental prostheses made?
A certain procedure will have to be followed and test will be needed to get a tooth or denture that gets perfectly attached in each case.

Is there a recommended adhesive for prostheses?
If your prostheses is not well-adjusted and gets loose you might need to use dental glue or dental cement or adhesive film that provides a secure hold. If a prostheses feels uncomfortable or gets loose, the most convenient option is visiting a professional to find a solution.

Which kind of dental care do prostheses require?
Clean them after each meal with a special toothbrush and soap, take it off before going to bed and come periodically for a check-up with our Odontologists.

How much is it for a dental prostheses?
Prices depend on the chosen prostheses. Book your free first appoinment online and you will get information on which options you have.

FAQ’S on endodontics

Which are the steps in an endodontic procedure?
First step will be removing the caries and open the tooth’s pulp and afterwards cleaning the canal using rotatory instruments and applying different liquids.
We proceed to an obturation using biocompatible material (gutta-percha) and then the tooth is restored. In some cases, it will be necessary a dental crown.
An endodontic procedure will require local anaesthesia and x-ray.

Does an endodoncy hurt?

Can endodontic procedures be done during pregnancy?
There is no problem for an endodontic procedure during pregnancy, although it is important to communicate this to our Odontologists.

When we require an endodontic procedure?
When the pulp is seriously damaged because of caries or traumatism. In this cases the tooth turns sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and even chewing. Pain can be constant or intermittent and can originate changes in color or a gumboil. An endodontic procedure could be necessary when extensive carving needs to be done for a further use of dental crowns, dental bridges or in periodontal problems.

How long an endodoncy lasts?
Normally from 1 to 3 visits.

Which is the price of an endodoncy?
Pricing rates will change according to each teeth. Book your free first appointment online and we will give an estimate budget with no commitments.

FAQ’S on periodontics

What is a periodontal disease?
Bacteria growth in our mouth will appear on our teeth generating plaque that buildup on teeth and it is been allowed to harden.
Plaque bacteria produce toxins that irritate gyms and create periodontal bags./p>

Is there any consequences?
If untreated could spread to areas of the jawbone that support the teeth and eventually teeth become loose and might fall out or need an extraction.

Periodontal procedures during pregnancy?
It is important to maintain hygiene habits as there might be a generalised gum inflammation.

FAQ’S on odontology

What is odontology?
Odontology is the medical speciality that studies teeth, gums and the treatment for diseases that affect them.

It is Odontology indicated on children?
YES. Children What is conscient sedation can come to the dentist when first teeth come in or from 12 months old. It is important for children to learn to overcome fear to the dentist, controlling caries and their dental growth and development.

Which Odontologic problems are related to diabetes?
Diabetic patients can present: xerostomia (mouth dryness), lingual irritation, periodontal disease and slow cicatrization.
f you are diabetic get in touch with Dentisalut’s team for periodic check-ups that will keep your oral health under control.
Book your free first appointment online and you will get any information required.

FAQ’S on sedation

What is conscious sedation?
It is the combination of a sedative, meds that help the patient to be relaxed and an analgesic to block pain during the dental procedure. Conscious sedation allows a quick-recovery to be able to get back to normality after the procedure.
As well as adults, it is also indicated for young, cases of autism, down syndrome, hyperactive kids which need to overcome the anxiety or fear to come to the dentist.

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